The Oracle

The Oracle

“No one will walk through the doors of the temple. Slay them all.”

– Unknown

We had been caught by surprise, almost half of my men had been devoured or ripped to pieces by orcs. Now they were following us. Suddenly I saw a small temple. I opened the door and let my men in. 
We probably would have died there, we were at the end of our rope and only three medical potions remained.

I heard noises on my right and turned around. I put my hand to the sword but immediately gave up my grip. A woman of shocking beauty appeared with a mystical aura around her.
I said only one word as she watched us: “Orcs”.
I heard beating at the doors, the enemy had arrived.
She murmured something, an iridescent light appeared on her hands. A moment after an explosion of light hit us. I looked around and saw my men stand up without any injury.

“No one will walk through the doors of the temple. Slay them all.”
We threw ourselves out and killed them to the last. We went back to the temple, she was waiting for us. We knelt before her and from that day on we did nothing else.

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