Merith, the Dark Reaper

Merith, the Dark Reaper

Merith pulled the huge door towards herself, the air coming in ran over what remained of the enemies’ corpses just defeated. The gust of wind incinerated them to ashes, leaving only the clothes untouched, as if by magic.
The smell of incense and herbs invaded the great room in front of her. The sacred scent, disgusting her, forced her to squeeze her nose to avoid being overwhelmed.
She didn’t arrive there until late at night just to faint before Gareth’s Temple. With resolve, she took a few steps until she stood in front of the perfectly human shaped statues. Hundreds of statues standing motionless face towards the great sun hanging above the altar at the end of this sacred place.

She walked beside the statues that seemed to be looking at her. A shiver ran down her spine, even if just for a moment.
She took the last steps to the altar and thus she saw the Black Stone.
It was a finely polished stone, the shape was reminiscent of an egg. She tried to grab it but an electric shock hit her fingers as she came too close. She groaned from the pain and immediately pulled back her hand. She froze, watching the extent of the damage inflicted on her flesh and she found her own fingers completely blackened by the burn. She couldn’t feel them anymore.
She took a vial from her small travel bag and poured the contents on her fingers. The blackened skin started to regress to the tips until it disappeared. She felt better but she already knew that was just a bland palliative.
She must go, and quickly.
She pulled out a roll of parchment, still not inscribed, and she slid it to the ground, the paper dropping with a thud. Once the essential words were written, she placed the scroll close to the sphere which, with no reactions, was incorporated into it. Carefully keeping her distance she locked the roll inside its case.

The Prodigious Wood, which was used to hold back the enchantments inscribed in the scroll, had worked, at least for the moment.
She put it in her bag to keep it safe and she headed for the exit.
The door she opened before was now closed. She turned around just in time to dodge a strong whiplash which cleaved the air causing a thunderous noise. She assumed the guard position and observed her enemy.
In front of her there was an Incarnation of Good who stared at her with completely white eyes, probing her soul, she could feel it.
It took her an instant to realize that a miracle would be needed.
Her legs started to tremble and a bitter smile appeared on her face…
Let’s play!

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