Making of the game
What is Sideralia?
Sideralia was born in 2014, when it was implemented, adding some rules and applying small changes to the regulations. In a short time, playing and creating, we realized we had created a new board game: Sideralia!

At that moment what started is a game, it is becoming something much more complex. So we started to change all those rules that we felt anchored to the past: the talent system, the combat system, the exploitation of skills and the D20 system. We have therefore created a regulation within which I will no longer be earned by increasing the levels or discretion of the Game Master, but have a completely different role. Even the fights and skills have been completely revisited, to the point of being able to manage the character in a totally innovative way. We have created two separate cards: a “Tactic” card and a “Fiction” card. The D20 system was built with a new proprietary system: the D3 Sistem. In October 2016, we understand that our regulation can also be used in different sectors of the GDR: Board Game, Dungeon Crawl and Army Battle. Sideralia was no longer just a GDR, but a PRPG (platform role-playing game).

We are therefore committed to making this a real project, involving more and more people, thus born the Sideralia team. Today we are dealing with the revision of the rules, a creative team, a social team and a 3D development team. The next one will be a campaign on Kickstarter, through which we hope to have your support in order to realize our project.

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